February 25-26, 2022

Shiver International Film Festival 2017 Winners

Thanks to all the filmmakers for their shiver-inducing films!

Our Judges and Audiences helped to choose the Winners from our official selections of the best genre films in the world:

Best Horror Film -

Night Kaleidoscope

Best Sci-Fi Film -

Hadal Zone

Best Thriller Film -


Best Fantasy Film -

Fear In A Handful of Dust

Best Cult/Weird/

Experimental Film -


Best Male Performance -

Baker Chase Powell (Vexed)


Patrick O'Brien (Night Kaleidoscope)

Evan Arnold (The Call of Charlie)

Nathan Hamilton (Basement Games)

Best Female Performance -

Sharon Hacohen-bar (Flag)


Nosheen Phoenix (Vexed)

Brooke Smith (The Call of Charlie)

Cat Van Dort (Amber)

Best CGI Special Effects -

Destroy Madrid



The Kurodians

Best Practical Special Effects - 

The Call of Charlie 


Night Kaleidoscope

Hadal Zone

Best Creature -

Charlie(The Call of Charlie)

Best Director - 
Grant McPhee (Night Kaleidoscope)

Shiver Feature of the Year -

Night Kaleidoscope

Shiver Short of the Year - 
The Call of Charlie