The Devil's Harp

Directed and Written by Alex Enriquez Drummond, Starring Rachael Drummond, Andy Hoff (CANADIAN PREMIERE)


Directed and Written by Neil Watson, Starring Veronica Smith, Neil Watson (CANADIAN PREMIERE)

Polok & Ram

Directed and Written by Sebastian Gordillo Villanueva, Starring Luis Gordillo Villanueva, Punyaha Mukherjee, Cassidy James Brookins (CANADIAN PREMIERE)

Desert Moss

Directed and Written by Vincent Cugno, Starring Vincent Cugno, Alyssa Soares (CANADIAN PREMIERE)


Directed and Written by Benjamin Germany & Jérémy Lafar, Starring Mathide Caudrelier, Yann Girlando (CANADIAN PREMIERE)

Lycan Noir

Directed and Written by Lon & Shannon Nease, Starring Lon Nease, Shannon Nease (CANADIAN PREMIERE)

Sang Del Drac

Directed by Vincent McLean, Written by Marni Sullivan & Vincent McLean, Starring Vincent McLean, Lumi Cavasoz, Claudia Esquival, Jaime Blakely, Lila Luna (CANADIAN PREMIERE)

The Assassination of a Man

Directed and Written by Daniel Riser, Starring Todd Stroik, Lexy McAvinchey, Fred Grant (CANADIAN PREMIERE)

The Politeness of Kings

Directed and Written by Saifi Haroun, Starring Vibol Joseph Sok, Anthony Pho, Minman Nah, Lan Qiu, Christophe Tek, Léontine Authier


Directed by Niels Bourgonje, Written by Niels Bourgonje, Paul Bontenbal, Starring Ebony Obsidian

Branching Out With The Invisible Man

Directed and Written by Jim & Nick Zounis, Starring Nick Zounis, Michael Zounis

The Winter  

Directed and Written by Xin Li



Directed and Written by Riccardo Di Gerlando, Starring Lorenzo Di Gerlando


Directed by Billy, Written by Ben Ridolfi, Starring St3ph, Dewwy, Lee Byford, Gemma Bedeau, Dave Servant

Tell-Tale Heart

Directed by Jack Lawrence, Written by Sarah Parker, Dyllan Rector and Jack Lawrence, Starring Nic Termer, David Termer

The Purple Iris

Directed and Written by Arif Khan, Starring Ksenia Nesterova, Astrid Vineyard, Hana Wu, Hans Christopher

Spirit of the Drowning Girls

Directed by Runze Cao, Written by Runze Cao, Zewei Jin

Black Boys Can't Cry

Directed and Written by Victor Gabriel, Starring Phrederic Semaj, Tysonia Sichinga, Elliott Williams, Adrienne Bratton, La’Croiz Locke, Lazarus McRae 


Directed and Written by Dean Butler, Starring Gemma Cavoli, Dean Butler, Mariah O'Dea, James Broadhurst, Zack Inglis

Moon Friend

Directed by Anna Robins


Directed and Written by Sam Johnson, Starring Joel Henry, Will Treat, Wyatt Bagnall

O Rage!

Directed by Florent Sabatier, Written by Florent Sabatier, Marie Coustaury, Starring David Baïot, Yves Batek Mendy, Anthony Cruz, Antoine Piquet, Samuel Kefi Abrick

This Is Not Acting, This Is Hell!

Directed and Written by Spider One, Starring John Ennis, Krsy Fox


Murphy's Law No. 2

Directed and Written by Valerio Galli, Starring Valerio Galli


Directed and Written by Heather Knott

Woodland Cemetery

Directed and Written by Niels Bourgonje, Starring Josefin Asplund

White Elephant

Directed and Written by Anne Geng, Starring Cathal Power, Lilian Manansala

The Crossing

Directed by Julio Palacio, Written by Alexandr Batenko & Julio Palacio, Starring Kenny Alfonso, Max Ivutin


Directed and Written by Leonard Khan


by Sarah Koehn

The Maidenswood
by Kasia Peruzzi

The Eye and Eye's Delight
by Marshall Pynkoski

Simple Sense
by Mark Datuin

by Michael McCallum

Behind the Wall
by Danilo Parra

An Evening of Cocktails and Calamity
by Rowan Landaiche

by Sarah Tahraqui

Love, Lies, And Other L Words
by Sarah Marchese

Lost and Found
by Sage Burigana-Marcus

by Adolfo Ruiz

The Remnant
by Navin Ramaswaran

Your Hand Is Mine
by Terryll Loffler

Cruel World
by Dylan Mask

by Wesley Clapp

The Death of Winter
by Latonia Hartery

The Tell Tale Heart
by McClain Lindquist

Between and Almost
by Kimberley Harvey

by Abraham David

Truth Hertz
by Shaun Majumder

When We Meet Again
by Megan Laursen

Red Velvet
by Andrew Huggins

Black Heart, Red Hands
by Russell Southam

The Cold / Iowísto
by Brittany Delgaty

The Day The Embers Burned Cold
by Spencer Hetherington

The Uncanny Valley
by Julia Beney

An Unconventional Love
by Anthony Miller, Antonia McGhee

My First Day
by Sean Totanes

Jerome and the Poets
by Mark Koenig

by Chelsea Jade McEvoy

Coeur battant
by ZhiMin Hu

by Vision Zheng

Inceldom, or why are the angry men angry
by Taylor Olson

The Last Oak
by Annabel Vine

Alma's Pond
by Roger Lay, Jr.

by Jessica Courtney Leen, Megan Haly

by Max Mallar

by Joshua Ralph

Secret Service
by Kasey O'Brien

The Decisive Moment
by Eduardo Rufeisen

The Suit Weareth The Man
by Mitchell Marion

A fan's bible
by Pépito

Lights Out by Catapus
by Ben Walden

Not Your Average Bear
by Cliff Skelton

Till Death
by Andrew Thomas

Gon, The Little Fox
by Takeshi Yashiro

The Test
by Philipp Christopher

Happy New Year
by Morten Jensen, Sabine Thun, Tobias Lunn Nielsen

by Patrick Steinmann

by Christopher Beaubien

      October 14-15, 2023