October 14-15, 2023

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About Shiver Film Fest

With a background in the industry as independent filmmakers, the founders of Shiver International Film Festival know just how many amazing, inventive and creative short films are being written and produced every year.

But, this only means the competition for screening slots at festivals is fiercer than ever.  And the reality is, many of the festival programmers are filling these slots with the same films - which are often those with the biggest stars and biggest budgets.

As a result, we know that we are all missing out on viewing a varied schedule of short films and micro-shorts that also belong on the big screen.  So, at Shiver Shorts, we are committed to curating and showcasing the best in indie short cinema from around the world, whatever the budget, whatever the genre - Comedy, Drama, Action, Horror, Thriller, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Animation, Music Video, Student, Weird / Cult / Experimental - anything goes! 

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